Hx30W 3592015 Turbocharger for Cmi 3.9L 4bt

Hx30W 3592015 Turbocharger for Cmi 3.9L 4bt

H1C-JF114003 Detail We have any auto parts needed, please contact us , thanks. Turbocharger Knowledge: Maintenance misunderstanding Misunderstanding 1: change the oil at random In terms of "drinking" oil, the turbocharger is indeed more "squeaky". In addition to being larger...

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We have any auto parts needed, please contact us, thanks.


Turbocharger Knowledge:

Maintenance misunderstanding

Misunderstanding 1: change the oil at random

In terms of "drinking" oil, the turbocharger is indeed more "squeaky". In addition to being larger than ordinary natural aspirated engines, the requirements for oil are higher. Because the design of the turbocharger is different from that of the naturally aspirated engine, the main shaft has a floating design. The turbine body and the main shaft are filled with oil. The whole main shaft relies on lubricating oil to dissipate and lubricate, while the inferior oil is thick. The degree is high and the liquidity is poor, which does not work well. It is recommended that the owner add some investment in this area to replace the fully synthetic engine oil with the vehicle.

Misunderstanding 2: Turn off the car immediately at the destination

After the engine has been running for a long time and high load, the owner must idle for a few minutes before shutting down the engine, so that the parts can be effectively cooled and lubricated. The behavior of the vehicle that is immediately turned off will cause the vehicle to be in a high-speed idling state. The problem is the same as the sudden acceleration, which will damage the bearing of the vehicle.


Common faults and proper use of turbochargers

Turbocharger is a kind of super-high-speed rotating machine in high temperature environment, its working speed can reach 50,000~240000

r/min, such a high-speed rotating machine is often damaged due to improper installation and use, so that users suffer a certain

Loss. The superchargers currently used in China, whether domestic or imported, often have a service life that is less than the expected service life. More than 90% of the reasons are due to improper installation and use. Serious overloading of the vehicle or changes in the fuel supply characteristics by the user are the main factors affecting the service life of the supercharger. This article lists some of the common causes and causes of turbochargers in use.

1 turbocharger oil leakage at both ends

Oil leakage at either or both ends of the supercharger is one of the most common failures in use. In theory, enter with normal pressure

The oil of the intermediate body, after passing through the bearing working surface, the oil pressure has become zero, but it flows naturally back down to the oil sump of the engine by gravity. Moreover, under normal working conditions, there is a certain gas pressure at the wheel back of the impeller at both ends of the supercharger, so the oil does not flow from the low pressure zone to the high pressure zone. The main function of the sealing ring is to seal the gas in the compressor and the turbine casing to the intermediate oil chamber, and only in special circumstances, it acts as a sealing oil. Even so, if used improperly, it can still cause oil leakage at both ends of the supercharger under the following conditions.

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