Gt1544V 28201-2A400 740611-0002 Turbocharger for KIA-Pride Now Verna--U1.5L

Gt1544V 28201-2A400 740611-0002 Turbocharger for KIA-Pride Now Verna--U1.5L

GT1544V-JF122004 Detail If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to offer you help to build friendly cooperation with you! Turbocharger Knowledge: Are the turbochargers electric? No. There are many types of turbochargers. The most commonly used is...

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If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to offer you help to build friendly cooperation with you!


Turbocharger Knowledge:

Are the turbochargers electric?

No. There are many types of turbochargers. The most commonly used is the exhaust turbocharger. Generally divided into the following five categories:

1. Exhaust gas turbocharger

The exhaust gas pump is driven by the exhaust gas emitted by the engine as a power source to drive the air pump to work. This supercharger technology is the most mature and most commonly used. The biggest advantage is that it can greatly increase the power of the engine without increasing the engine displacement. When an engine is equipped with an exhaust turbocharger, the maximum output of the engine can be increased by approximately 40% or more compared to the uncharged turbocharger. The most obvious of its shortcomings is the "lag response", that is, the inertia of the impeller reacts slowly to the sudden change of the throttle, even if the modified reaction time is 1.7 seconds, causing the engine delay to increase or decrease the output power. For a car that suddenly accelerates or overtakes, it will feel a bit uncomfortable in an instant. After the engine adopts exhaust gas turbocharging technology, the maximum burst pressure and average temperature generated during the operation will be greatly improved, so that the mechanical performance and lubrication performance of the engine will be affected, and the intake air temperature will be increased. But everything has advantages and disadvantages, and "Exhaust Gas Turbocharger" is no exception.

2, mechanical turbocharger system (supercharge)

The device is coupled to the engine crankshaft by a belt and is powered by the engine output shaft to drive the supercharger rotor to rotate, thereby inflating the air into the intake manifold.

The advantage of "Mechanical Turbocharger" is that the speed of the rotor corresponds to the engine speed, so there is no lag or lead, and the power output is smoother;

Its disadvantage: because it consumes part of the engine power, it will lead to low boost efficiency.

3. Composite turbocharger system

Both the exhaust turbocharger and the mechanically driven turbocharger are used to overcome the lag response of the exhaust turbocharger. Its benefits are better than Types 1 and 2. The disadvantage is that the structure is more complicated than Types 1 and 2, the cost is higher, and the maintenance cost is higher.

4, electric turbocharger

The electric power of the car itself is used as a power source, and the motor is driven to work.

Advantages: small size, fast response, easy installation and low cost;

Disadvantages: The engine's boosting power is not as good as the first two; the electric turbocharger consumes electricity, and the electricity is still from the engine. Therefore, the power is increased after the installation, but the fuel consumption of your engine is also increased.

5, inertial turbocharger

The turbine is driven by the intake air flow generated when the engine is operating.

Advantages: 1 Simple structure, high reliability, easy installation, many applicable models, easy to popularize, long service life, low price (only one tenth of the first four categories), low maintenance cost and high cost performance. 2 Its unique "high-speed eddy current intake function" has reached the miraculous effect of "four or two pounds". 3 No need to make any changes to the vehicle, it will not cause any adverse effects on the vehicle engine, and it is safe and reliable.

Disadvantages: low working pressure, engine power increase is only 30% of other "turbocharger", and the speed of the engine is reduced after the engine speed rises to 5000 rpm.

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