Why Do Electric Vehicle Charging Sockets Need Special Matching?

- Nov 06, 2018-

Have you used a charging outlet? This is a very common household tool used in daily life. It can help various electrical appliances to operate normally and bring convenience to people's lives.

Electric vehicles are emerging vehicles. They are powered by electricity, green and environmentally friendly, and are currently very popular vehicles. In order to ensure the normal operation of the car, charging is the first step to ensure the normal operation of the electric car, and in the process of charging, the charging socket is an essential item.

Why do electric car charging sockets need to be dedicated? First of all, dedicated to help improve the efficiency of charging, so that the charging time is controlled and shortened; secondly, the dedicated socket is safe, because the electric car needs a lot of electric energy, the general socket can not withstand strong current; finally, the special socket is adaptable Since electric vehicles are emerging products, many household appliances cannot meet the requirements of standards.