What Are The Requirements For Installation Of Electric Car Charging Piles?

- Nov 06, 2018-

The charging piles of electric vehicles are similar to the refueling machines in gas stations. They can be fixed on the ground or walls, installed in parking lots or charging stations of public buildings and residential areas, etc. to help electric vehicles charge. Do you know what safety measures are required when installing electric vehicle charging piles?

1, there are special construction sites, or corresponding parking spaces, allowing parking charging.

2. There is a special power supply. The power supply capacity can meet the power load requirement of charging pile. The reasonable price of electricity is not too high, and users can accept it.

3, there are sufficient venues and power supply time guarantee, such as 5 years or more.

4, adopt the electric vehicle charging pile which accords with the national standard to meet the national standard of electric vehicle charging;

5. The construction and installation of charging pile power supply for electric vehicles should be completed by qualified units to ensure the safety of power supply system.

6. Have appropriate personnel to manage, overhaul and serve the charging pile on site, so as to ensure that there is no problem for users to charge. Wait. For reference.

The installation of charging piles for electric vehicles requires special installation sites, using standard charging piles for electric vehicles, and regular maintenance of charging piles for electric vehicles by special personnel to ensure the normal use of charging piles for electric vehicles.