How To Choose Electric Car Charger

- Nov 06, 2018-

For the problem of electric vehicle charging, the most common problems that make electric vehicle users feel headaches are: "The cruising range is obviously shortened" "Easy to explode when charging" "The charger failure rate is high".

Gaobiao Technology recommends that consumers choose products with high brand reputation, good reputation and high market share when purchasing electric vehicle chargers. Many inferior chargers on the market are prone to overcharging and undercharging. The phenomenon of water loss and vulcanization is a great hidden danger to the personal and property safety of consumers. These products are lacking in functional design. The reason for choosing the big-name charger products is that these high-quality products are designed with many charging protection functions, such as positive and negative pulse charging technology, intelligent timing protection function, and temperature. Automatic compensation function, grid instantaneous shock protection, super moisture and corrosion resistance, pressure limiting charging to prevent water loss, overcurrent protection battery polarization, overload protection to prevent failure, rectangular pulse extension life, cross current charging life longer, etc. Increased safety and efficiency of charging.

Consumers still can't relax their vigilance after purchasing the charger of the big brand. In daily life, they should always check the electric vehicle charger, and also pay attention to check the electric vehicle battery. In many cases, the aging problem of the battery will also give people The car brings safety problems. Grasp the charging time of the electric vehicle battery during use and develop a good charging habit.