Extend The Life Of The Turbocharger

- Nov 06, 2018-

The turbocharger installed in the car has a high operating temperature and can rotate at a speed of 180,000 to 200,000 revolutions per minute under full load operation. It can be said that its working conditions are very harsh. In order to meet its requirements for use, the materials and precision requirements are very high, so the price is relatively expensive, generally more than 10,000 yuan. Its longevity depends largely on our daily maintenance and maintenance.

1. After the car engine is started, you cannot slam the accelerator pedal. The price of the turbocharger actuator is cooled by the oil. When the cool car starts, the oil is not well lubricated. If the supercharger is running at high speed, the wear will be great. It should be idling for two or three minutes first, and the lubricating oil of the engine is good, and then the engine is running at high speed, so that the turbocharger is fully lubricated, which is especially important in winter.

2. After the vehicle is running at high speed, do not turn off the flame immediately. Allow the engine to continue to idle for a few minutes. After the engine temperature is lowered, turn off the engine to avoid sudden heat accumulation and heat accumulation, resulting in coke plugging damage inside the turbocharger.

3. When the vehicle is being serviced, the engine oil and oil filter approved by the vehicle instruction manual must be used. The oil used must have good wear resistance, high temperature resistance, fast establishment of lubricating oil film, high oil film strength and good stability.

4. Relative to a car without a turbocharger, replace the oil and oil filter in advance to keep the oil and filter clean.

5, need to clean or replace the air filter on time, to prevent dust and other impurities into the high-speed rotating supercharger impeller, dust particles may damage the supercharger blades, resulting in unstable speed, bushing and seal wear.