Common Classification Of Electric Car Charging Station

- Nov 06, 2018-

Ordinary consumers often see the news of charging station will notice that there are many kinds of charging station in the information. It is not clear to see these. In fact, different names here charge the same type of charging. station, such as installation location of charging station indoors and outdoors; installation units government, enterprises, individuals; pile installation vertical, wall-mounted; charging mode DC, AC, number of guns single gun, double gun, etc., collected here for everyone Some materials and pictures are very different!

1. Classification by installation conditions, mainly divided into vertical charging station and wall-mounted charging station.

Vertical charging station do not need to be against the wall, suitable for outdoor parking spaces or residential parking spaces, while wall-mounted charging station must be fixed by walls, suitable for indoor and underground parking spaces.

2. Classified by service objects, mainly divided into public charging station, special charging station and self-use charging station.

Here is just a distinction between the use of charging station, and the charging station of different service objects can also be interchanged. The public charging pile is operated by a public service institution such as a government agency, and the service target is directed to any electric vehicle owner, such as a public parking lot. The dedicated charging station are mostly built for enterprises, and the service targets customers and internal personnel, such as shopping mall parking lots. Self-use charging station are private charging station that are installed in the private sector and are not open to the public.

3. Classification by installation location, mainly divided into indoor charging station and outdoor charging station (well understood).

The protection level of indoor charging station needs to reach at least IP32, and the outdoor charging station need to face the harsh environment of wind and rain, and need better insulation and lightning protection conditions. The protection level must meet IP54 at least to ensure personal safety and body safety. The charging device is safe.

4. Classification by the number of charging interfaces, mainly divided into one charging and charging pile and one charging and charging pile.

At present, the charging station on the market are mainly one-and-one-filled. In a large parking lot such as a bus parking lot, multiple charging station are needed to simultaneously support multiple electric vehicle charging, which not only speeds up charging efficiency but also saves labor.

5. Classification by charging type, mainly divided into AC charging pile and DC charging pile.

AC charging station are generally small currents, small station, flexible installation, full charge is generally 6-8 hours, suitable for small passenger electric vehicles, mostly used in public parking lots, shopping malls and community garages, home Charging station are also mostly AC charging station. The DC charging pile is generally a large current, and the charging amount is larger in a short time, the pile body is larger, and the occupied area is large (heat dissipation). DC charging station are suitable for fast DC charging of electric buses, CMB, hybrid buses, electric cars, taxis, and engineering vehicles. (The picture above shows the DC charging pile, the picture below shows the AC charging pile)