Under what circumstances need to replace the car air conditioner filter

- Nov 06, 2018-

1. When you feel your eyes in the car, your body is weak, your chest is stuffy, your breathing is uncomfortable, your sour taste is odorous, etc., the air pollution inside your car is quite serious. You must replace the 3M car air conditioning filter as soon as possible.

2. The wind blown during air conditioning work has an odor. The reason may be that the air conditioning system has been used for a long time. The internal system and the automobile air conditioner filter are caused by moisture and mildew. It is recommended to clean the air conditioning system to replace the air conditioner filter.

3. Even if the air conditioner filter has just been replaced, the internal circulation cannot remove the air odor from the outside and inside. The reason is that the ordinary type air conditioner filter may be used. It is recommended to use the activated carbon series air conditioner filter.

4, the air conditioning gear has been opened to a large enough, but the cooling or heating air volume is very small, if the air conditioning system is normal, the air conditioning filter used may have poor ventilation, or the air conditioning filter is too long For timely replacement.

5. Please replace it when the vehicle travels for 5,000 kilometers. Due to the strong environmental awareness and good air quality, the developed countries in Europe and America generally replace the car air conditioner filter when the car is driving more than 20,000 kilometers. Taking into account the serious environmental pollution in China, for the health of the owner, it is recommended to replace it when the product is installed and operated for 5,000 km;