Turbocharger injection failure

- Nov 06, 2018-

When the turbocharger fails, the fuel injection system is burned with inferior heavy oil, the afterburning is increased, and the exhaust gas temperature is high. Whether it is full load or partial load, no matter how severe the afterburning, the matching operating point is on the normal matching operation line. As the end of combustion is delayed, the exhaust gas temperature rises, the supercharger speed increases, the compressor flow increases, the pressure ratio increases, and the operating point moves to the high point of the curve, and the surge margin is less.

 Cooling deterioration

 When the cooling capacity of the air cooler decreases, the exhaust temperature of the diesel engine rises, the speed of the compressor rises, and the running point moves to a higher position, and the surge margin decreases.

In short, the influence factors of the non-runner blockage will not affect the flow characteristics, and will not change the position of the turbocharger and the diesel engine. The change of the position of the turbocharger and the diesel engine in the match line is caused by the diesel engine. The secondary cause of supercharger surge.

The exhaust gas turbocharger uses the high-temperature exhaust gas discharged from the engine at 700-900 degrees Celsius to drive the turbine in the turbine to rotate. The turbine shaft drives the impeller in the compressor to rotate at a high speed to compress the air in a centrifugal manner to increase the intake density of the engine. 2-3 atmospheres. So we can spray more fuel on the engine to improve the engine's own power.

The exhaust gas turbocharger consists of an exhaust gas driven turbine, a compressor that compresses fresh air, an intermediate intermediate bearing support, and a bypass valve control mechanism. The supercharger should refer to the engine intake booster and includes three forms: exhaust turbocharger, turbocharger actuator manufacturer, and electric assisted turbocharger. The air is compressed by the supercharger to increase the intake density of the engine, thereby increasing the power of the engine. At the same time, due to the improved combustion control of the engine, the combustion efficiency is improved, and the fuel saving and the emission reduction effect can be achieved. It is an important technological advancement of modern engines.