Electric vehicle installation instructions charging plug and socket

- Nov 06, 2018-

In the electric vehicle industry, electric vehicle charging plugs are widely used in engines, chassis and body systems, and play an important role in pure electric vehicle electronic control systems.

As the information source of the pure electric vehicle electronic control system, the sensor is a key component of the pure electric vehicle electronic control system and one of the core contents of the electric vehicle electronic technology research.

In pure electric vehicles, air supply is mainly used in engine control systems, chassis control systems, body control systems and navigation systems.

Performance indicators for electric vehicle charging plugs include accuracy, response characteristics, reliability, durability, compact structure, practicality, and output level. In order to effectively control the motor and the generator in an electric vehicle, it is necessary to detect the rotor rotational speed and the voltmeter current sensor of the battery with higher precision. Therefore, the requirements for the sensor for an electric vehicle are as follows.

(1) Have better environmental adaptability. The range of environmental temperature changes of electric vehicles is very wide, and the degree of the road surface is very different. The sun, rain and ambient temperature are very different. Therefore, the sensor is required to have good earthquake resistance, temperature resistance and water resistance.

(2) Mass production. Since electric vehicles are mass-produced, even the same type of sensor is used in ten to hundreds of vehicles. Therefore, sensors for electric vehicles are required to be suitable for mass production.

(3) High precision. High-precision voltage and current sensors and speed sensors are required. For example, the current detection accuracy of the electric vehicle on the case of Xu is between 0.05 and 1500 A.

(4) Reliability.

(5) Small size. As small as possible, the product is light in size, easy to install and debug, and reduces the weight of the whole vehicle.

(6) Meet the relevant technical standards for electric vehicle sensors.