Cautions for electric vehicles to use household sockets

- Nov 06, 2018-

In recent years, with the popularity of electric vehicles, people gradually find a problem in the process of use, that is, the problem of charging electric vehicles. Most of today's electric vehicles, in addition to using fast charging piles, can also use their 220V power supply to charge electric vehicles at home. For most car owners, more often than choose a household outlet to charge the car, then when using a household electric car charging socket to charge the electric car, the following matters should be paid special attention.

Almost all the car owners living in the city live in the building. When the car owner uses the household socket to charge the electric car, it is inevitable to use the "flying line". First of all, in the use of "flying line", we must pay attention to safety, and often check whether the line is aging to avoid danger. Secondly, use the household electric car charging socket to charge the car, be sure to choose a better quality socket to avoid the socket heating or even burning due to long charging time. Finally, remind the majority of car owners to use the home socket to charge the car. Please professional personnel to modify the circuit, the route is fixed on the wall to ensure the service life and safety of the line.