Automotive filter filter maintenance points

- Nov 06, 2018-

High-quality diesel filters protect the common rail system of diesel engines, reducing maintenance costs. At the same time, during the use process, the user needs to periodically discharge water, regularly check and replace it in time to ensure the filtering effect of the filter.


The use of advanced technology in the common rail system enables the engine to run smoothly and reduce fuel consumption and vehicle use costs. The modern spray system is extremely accurate, and its spray holes are so small that it is impossible to put three hairs. Good filtration optimizes the quality of the diesel in the injection system, resulting in longer system life and more mileage, so the filter is an integral part of any diesel system.

In order to ensure the best performance of the engine, the filter must be checked regularly. Make sure that high-quality filters are always used. Only such filters can filter out moisture and minimal impurities, thus ensuring the reliability of the engine.


One function of the filter is oil-water separation. Diesel oil often contains a small amount of water, which can cause membrane clogging and corrosion of the injection system. It even freezes in winter. Because water is heavier than diesel, when the pressurized fuel slowly passes through the filter, the water is blocked and flows. Into a reservoir, the water in the reservoir must be drained when inspecting or maintaining the engine.


The diesel filter uses a dual filtration mechanism consisting of several layers of filter paper with very small pores. The fuel is filtered as it passes through the filter paper. High quality filters prevent any possibility when the diesel slowly flows through the filter. A good filtration effect is achieved on particles that damage the injection system. The low-quality filter has poor internal sealing, which means that impurities can pass unimpeded; high-quality filters have good internal sealing, they can prevent any unfiltered fuel from flowing and prevent it from entering the jet. system. Premium filters also safely store more particles.